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Aberfeldy to Tabora challenge


Could you help Just Wheels get to Tanzania?  14, 642 km on foot is a tall order but if we work together to add up our daily walks and runs, we feel certain we can get there. And with a small contribution from each of you, we will be helping others to get around in these challenging times too.


Every penny raised through this challenge will go to Just Wheels who purchase locally made, high-quality wheelchairs and physiotherapy for people with mobility issues living in poverty in Tabora, Tanzania.  A wheelchair can be transformative, enabling mobility, schooling, training or employment for individuals who otherwise face social isolation.

Just Wheels

Wheelchairs for those in need

In rural Tanzania those with physical disabilities face social isolation and little prospect of education, training, paid work or independent living. Just Wheels supplies high-quality wheelchairs to people with mobility issues in the Tabora area of Tanzania. These are assembled locally in Tabora by Just Wheels and are suited to the rough local terrain. They are fitted to individuals in need. A wheelchair costs around £250 for parts and labour. Just Wheels also provides ongoing support and wheelchair maintenance.

Improving Education for disabled people

Many disabled people in Tanzania are not able to attend a school or access training and face prejudice and social isolation. Just Wheels is committed to working with local schools and colleges to enable people with mobility issues to get an education and training to help break the cycle of poverty.

Helping during the COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to our ongoing work in wheelchair provision, Just Wheels has launched an emergency fund to help buy soap and food to support disabled people in the Tabora region during the current pandemic. Our volunteers are working to inform disabled people how to stay safe as best they can.

Thank you so much for your support. Every donation goes straight to the team in Tabora and really makes a difference.

Just Wheels was registered as a charity in Scotland in 2017 and in Tanzania in 2019.


How to join in

It’s simple

All you have to do is sign up to Strava (download free Strava app on a smartphone or visit on your computer or laptop) then go to Clubs and search for and join the ‘Together to Tanzania’ club. This can also be found at: If you use a sports watch (eg Garmin) link the two together under Strava settings. Cycle, run, walk or swim with your sports watch or mobile device (if using your phone then remember to press ‘record’ on Strava every time you go for daily exercise). This will record all your activity (however short) in our club challenge. The collective distance travelled will be updated on our website Together we feel sure we can reach Tabora before our planned Just Wheels Running Festival on 3rd October 2020. We ask that every participant makes a donation (minimum of £10) to Just Wheels at:

tracking progress

you make it happen

You will receive updates as to where we get to on our long and interesting route from Aberfeldy (Scotland) to Tabora (Tanzania). 

Every activity you do will update on the route of the homepage and as we pass new countries and landmarks open up a new page of local information.

Please share the word and let’s see how fast we can get there. Thanks for your participation.