Forth bridges (Edinburgh)

Our second leg starts with the beautiful 3 forth bridges, all of which showcase breakthroughs in bridge Architecture in their different eras. The rail bridge named the ‘Forth Bridge’ was opened back in 1890 and was designed by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker. It had the longest single cantilever bridge span it the world and it’s construction lead to the deaths of 78 people.  The Forth Road Bridge was opened in 1964 and was designed by Sir Giles Albert Scott. At the times of its construction it was the longest steel suspension bridge in Europe and in its construction resulted in the death of 7 people. Whilst the Queensferry Crossing designed by Naeem Hussain was only completed in 2017. It has the highest towers on a bridge in Britain and still resulted in the death of 1 person in its construction. The Bridges are situated between South and North Queensferry. South Queensferry is 10 miles from Edinburgh castle, and this is situated in Edinburgh the capital of Scotland.


From here the trip continues south into England to the Houses of Parliament in London a 702km leg of our journey.

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