Kurmi market (Kano, Nigeria)











Our next stop is in Kano, in Northern Nigeria. Kano is the third largest city in Nigeria, after Ibadan and Lagos and the largest city in Northern Nigeria. The Kurmi market in the city is a huge open-air market and is one of the most impressive in Nigeria. It is the center of the Kano State.  About 3,626,204 people live in Kano. It has long been the economic centre of northern Nigeria, and a centre for the sale of groundnuts. Home of Ancient Relics and Culture. This makes Kano one of the major tourist destinations in the country for its ancient landmarks which include the Dala Hill, the Emir’s palace, Gidan Makama Museum, Bagauda Lake Resort, Kano State Cultural Centre, The Great Mosque, and the Kofa Mata dye pits.

Unfortunately, in the recent years, Northern Nigeria has been at the centre of a Jihadist terrorist campaign which has through the region into turmoil.

Our Twelfth leg continues East for 1,135km to Lake Chad in Chad.