Houses of Parliament (London)

The third leg starts in the heart of the British government, at the Houses of Parliament. This landmark features the famous Elizebeth tower, which inside contains the Big Ben bell. The first palace in Westminster was built in the 11th century and since has been rebuilt due to a great fire in 1834. It is situated in the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. London has a population of 8.982 million people. An interesting fact about London is that it has such a large amount of green areas and trees that under the united nations definition it technically counts as Forrest. London is also internationally known for being a bit of a rainy city but receives less rain annually than Miami, Rome and Sydney, both in terms or of total volume of rain and amount of rainy days.


From here, we pass over the English Channel by ferry and head into France to the Eiffel tower in Paris for 461km.

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