Tabora, Tanzania

We have arrived in Tabora! Together we have walked, run, swam and cycled 14642km through Britain, Europe, north and central Africa to arrive at the small village of Tabora in rural Tanzania. Here we meet the team who freely give their time to build and fit wheelchairs for those with disabilities that prevent them from walking. The fundraising efforts of Just Wheels, a charity originating in Aberfeldy, Scotland has supported these amazing individuals in doing their work. Through this collaboration numerous people in the Tabora area now have wheelchairs which has transformed lives and enabled education, employment and social inclusion.

It has been wonderful to travel on this journey together, for us to share each other’s activities and appreciate how lucky we are to have our fitness and ability to do this. We have travelled through some amazing country, to some interesting places and learnt about them on our way (tap on the pictures on the map to find out more if you missed any of them). And importantly we have raised funds for Just Wheels to support their ongoing work in building and fitting wheelchairs for those in need.
Congratulations to everyone and thank you so much for your involvement.